Rosa Viridiflora “Green Rose”

Green rose blossom mcaulderfineartist

Something about antique roses intrigues me, so when I saw the Rosa Viridiflora (Green Rose), I had to have a cutting. It took about 2 months for the stem to grow roots and become ready for planting. And once it starts growing, it blooms continuously and is very hardy.

A little “backstory”: First recorded in the mid-1700s, the rose is said to be a descendant or “sport” of Old Blush China roses. The green rose is a treat for anyone who collects roses, especially the antique varieties. Its blossoms are composed entirely of sepals, no petals, pistols, or stamens. The only way to cultivate this rose is through cuttings–which is impressive when you consider that rose growers have kept it going all this time!

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