Watercolor painting of Lippezan white horses Spanish Riding School Vienna horses cropping grass by M. Caulder Watercolor Canvas Painting
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“Lippezan Haven” Watercolor on Canvas

Lippezan Haven—Watercolor on Canvas (Reference: Screenshot from Nature: Legendary White Stallions, 2013, Cinematographer Michael Schlamberger) I first read about the White Stallions of Lippiza and the Spanish Riding School of Vienna in a book by Eva Ibbotson when I was a child. These horses have fascinated me ever since! I was fortunate to experience a… Continue reading “Lippezan Haven” Watercolor on Canvas

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“Art and the Emperor’s New Clothes” by artist William Nichols

"You enter a large exhibition room in the prestigious Art Institute of Chicago, on the floor in front of you three rectangles of red carpet held together like a swatch from a carpet store dominates your attention, to the left an inauspicious handkerchief with folds from its original packaging and pinned on each corner sits isolated on a large white wall. You stop, question and try to make sense of what you are viewing. Suddenly you look right and spy a placard on the wall. In the hope of gleaning some guidance to understanding you start to read it. .."